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Men more likely to get hit by online fraud

Men lose more money to online fraud than women, the report states

Men are more likely to be victims of internet fraud - and lose more money - than women. That's according to a new FBI report. The average victim of internet fraud is male, aged 30-40 and living in New York, California or Texas, the report by the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) showed.

Men lost $1.69 to every dollar that women lost, and the average loss for men was $920 (£470) while women lost $544.73 (£278) on average.

However, men are also generally the perpetrators of internet fraud. Three quarters of those caught committing fraud - whether through email, telephone or chatrooms - are male, the IC3 report stated. Nearly two thirds (61 per cent) of fraudsters lived in the US, but a "significant" portion of those from other parts of the world resided in the UK.

The 2006 Internet Crime Report showed that the total loss from referred internet fraud cases in the US was $198.4 million (£101.3 million), up from $183.12 million (£93.5 million) the year before, with a median loss of $724 (£370) per complaint.

Looking at age groups, the elderly are losing the most to fraudsters. People aged 60 and over lost an average of $866 (£442) per victim.