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Japanese government plans to scrap internet

Could the Earth soon be connected by a Japanese internet replacement?

In a perfect example of bureaucrats seeking to reinvent the wheel, a Japanese government minister has claimed that his department will be working to replace the current internet.

According to Kyodo News, communications minister Yoshihide Suga recently stated that he would soon be setting up a team to create an internet replacement by 2020. He added that the project would be a joint effort between government, academia and private businesses.

Internet2 too

While there are absolutely no details to speak of at the moment, the notions of both improving upon and replacing the internet are not new by any means. The US-run Internet2 project has been connecting over 200 universities there at 10Gbit/s and higher since 1999.

A key goal of any such scheme will be to increase the bandwidth available for transmitting the mushrooming amounts of data needed as more and more entertainment moves online. The aim will be to create a network that is more secure and robust in the face of virus threats and other malware.

Not to be overlooked, however, is the aim of the Japanese ministry and others to steal a march on commercial developers in other countries seeking to create standards for any future global network - a potentially very lucrative consideration.