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HD video sharing site uses BitTorrent works in the same way as Bit Torrent

The makers of Azureus , the popular Bit Torrent client, are launching a legal video-sharing website specialising in high-definition content. works in the same way as Bit Torrent - by sharing files across the internet, aided by others downloading the same files.

It needs the user to install a special Torrent client in order to download the content. Content itself is uploaded by users, in a similar way to any other video-sharing site.

Zudeo recommends users be aware of their bandwidth, and adjust their uploads and downloads accordingly.

"When downloading and uploading at the same time, it's best to limit your upload speed to get better results with your download speed."

Since high-definition video is larger in size than standard definition video, transfer speeds may be sluggish for those without high-speed connections; a one-minute HD film about San Francisco is almost 60GB.