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Hikers give Google a piggyback to capture uncharted territory

Third parties to contribute to Google Maps with new device
Get even closer to the action with Trekker

Google's recently-announced mapping device, Google Trekker, will be loaned out to third party companies to let them contribute to the service.

The move comes as Google looks to ramp up the amount of imagery in its data bank. Third parties will be able to borrow the device and explore certain areas, while sending the data back to Google.

This will in turn help Google to speedily map out certain areas, capturing 360-degree images of the places that Street View can't reach.

Google Trekker: The next generation

Google Trekker is a wearable backpack that houses a 15-lens camera capable of 46MP images. Each lens is angled and designed to take 360 panoramic views.

It was designed for places that are only accessible by foot. So we could soon expect to see fully mapped out hiking walks or even maps of shops – just like in the Google Glass demo video.

This is undoubtedly Google's attempt to get ahead of what is becoming a very saturated mapping market, as companies such as Apple and Nokia improve and create their own mapping services.

Via The Next Web