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Google knocks down paywalls with customer surveys

Google Consumer Surveys
Timbuk2 bags wants to know your nappy bag thoughts

Google has unveiled a new service called Google Consumer Surveys which allows web publishers to earn revenue from its customers answers.

Rather than ads or a paywall, web content publishers will be able to trade customer survey completion for content.

The new system will require customers to answer a survey question in order to access an article or video.

For each answer, a site will earn $0.05 (about £0.03). There are a few companies already signed up to host the surveys – including AdWeek and New York Daily News.

Prawn or chicken korma?

On the other side, companies including Timbuk2 bags and Kasa Indian Eatery are submitting survey questions and paying $0.10 per response (about £0.06).

It could be a great alternative to paywalls, or become just another annoying popup that users have to click through to get to content.

The system isn't without its problems: The Atlantic Wire has already discovered that you can skip the surveys using an ad blocker; and will users answer questions accurately or just hit the first answer they see as an alternative to a close button?

You can get Google's take on the system from its promotional video.

Via The Verge