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Google exec talks Space internet

In order to improve communication for man going into Space, NASA is developing an Earth-Mars internet

Google' s vice president yesterday spoke about his involvement in NASA 's Interplanetary Internet - currently being used to relay signals from satellites orbiting Mars back to Earth.

Speaking to the press in Bangalore, India, at a conference on Asia's net usage, Dr Vinton G Cerf said: "We are working on standardising the protocols so that spacecrafts can communicate and share information across the solar system."

Dr Cerf is sometimes referred to as the 'father of the Internet', for his pivotal involvement in a technical and managerial role for the development of TCP/IP protocols. He is also responsible for bringing new technologies to Google.

The Interplanetary Internet (known as InterPlaNet or IPN) has been in development since the 1990s. According to , the Interplanetary Internet team aims to standardise the many types of communication technologies used in Space travel by basing it on terrestrial technologies.

NASA aims to create a series of nodes in orbit of Earth and Mars, as well as placed between the two planets, relaying information across millions of miles.