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Feature: How safe is your Facebook profile?

PC Plus has investigated how easy it is to steal online identities

In a feature article from our sister magazine PC Plus , we investigate the potential for identity theft via Facebook. The site might be massively successful with 3.5 million UK users, but many are discovering their information isn't as private as they thought.

The massive success of Facebook isn't good news for everybody. By expanding its students-only membership policy to include anyone, the site has seen user numbers skyrocket. Its success has meant Facebook has become a potential goldmine for identity thieves.

According to credit reference agency Equifax, many social network users cheerfully publish personal data - their email address, their home address, their phone numbers, marital status and so on - without realising that such information is a boon to identity thieves.

Factor in lazy password creation - survey after survey shows that people use their children's or pet's names, or their favourite football team, as a password - and you can see how apparently innocent personal data can be misused.

We tell you why you should be worried (especially if you're a parent) and show how easy it is to extract personal information from profiles in order to steal identities.

Read the feature .


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