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Opera to provide Sony Bravia browser

Opera is to provide the browsing know-how for the Bravia Internet Video Link

We first saw Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link technology demonstrated at CES back in January. Now Opera Software has said it will be providing the web browser for the service, currently only slated for release in North America.

As well as making its Windows and mobile browsers, Opera also provides the browser tech within Nintendo's Wii console.

The Bravia Internet Video Link is a module that attaches to the back of new Bravia televisions to access selected free internet video content. The box will enable browsing of the available internet video content that can be streamed directly to the television from providers such as Yahoo and AOL.

It links the television set directly through HDMI and USB connections and connects to broadband internet service providers via an Ethernet, so there's no need for a PC go-between.

"Sony has realised the potential of internet video on the TV, and Opera is excited to contribute to this breakthrough product," says Scott Hedrick, head of business solutions at Opera Software. "Using our SDK [Software Development Kit], Sony was able to quickly build this compelling solution to bring internet content into the living room."


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