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Current UK: TV made by you

Ex-US vice president Al Gore has taken time out of his environmental lecturing to launch a British TV channel where all the shows are created by the public.

Current TV consists of user-generated content (UGC) - movies made at home, on pretty much any subject - as well as more professional input. Gore, Current's president, said the channel will broadcast non-fiction videos by "people making TV for the first time, and making it well".

The station asks you to submit videos in different categories: programmes for TV; short videos that tell a story; journalism; and promotional videos for Current TV itself, according to the BBC .

As well as video-making competitions, such as one Current is running now to win a meal with Al Gore, viewers are also encouraged to create adverts for the station's official sponsors.

Current's website is used to take submissions, as well as show other viewer's work. If any of your content is used on the station, you're paid according to your submission.

"This is not going to be a political or ideological channel in any shape or form - we like to think it's more revolutionary than that," said Gore.

Current was first launched in the US in August 2005. Current UK will be shown on both Sky and Virgin Media .