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Second Life bigger than web in 10 years' time

Second Life and other virtual online architectures will be several times larger than the internet today, its creator has predicted

Second Life will be bigger than the internet itself in 10 years' time, its inventor Philip Rosedale has claimed.

Rosedale said that completely open virtual world architectures - such as the one Linden Labs is planning for Second Life - will be part of an online universe several times larger than the internet of today, The Register reports. He was speaking at the annual tech conference Stanford Summit .

"In 10 years, virtual access will be more prevalent than web access," said Rosedale, CEO of Linden Labs , the company behind Second Life.

The planned virtual universe would require massive amounts of computing power, according to Rosedale. " Google now has about 100,000 machines," he said. "In 10 years, virtual worlds will have hundreds of millions."

Within "two or three years" an alternative online universe such as Second Life would provide real-time 3D graphics with digital effects like the ones seen in today's Hollywood blockbusters, added Craig Sherman, CEO of online community Gaia Online . "You'll see the kind of stuff that Transformers is doing today," he said.