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Watch Fassbender completely transform in first full Steve Jobs trailer


After giving us a taste back in May, a full trailer for Danny Boyle's upcoming Steve Jobs movie has just dropped. It's bigger, better, and packed with even more features than the last one.

This time we get a better look at some of the supporting characters, including Apple exec John Sculley, marketing chief Joanna Hoffman, and Jobs' ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan.

The film, which was adapted by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin from Walter Isaacson's biography of the Apple co-founder, will focus on three major moments in his career: the 1984 launch of the Macintosh; NeXT in 1988; and the iMac in 1998.

The film will hit cinemas in the US on October 9, and the UK on November 13.

Hugh Langley

Hugh Langley is the ex-News Editor of TechRadar. He had written for many magazines and websites including Business Insider, The Telegraph, IGN, Gizmodo, Entrepreneur Magazine, WIRED (UK), TrustedReviews, Business Insider Australia, Business Insider India, Business Insider Singapore and more.