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Wal-Mart disc-to-digital scheme confirmed

Wal-Mart disc-to-digital scheme confirmed
Head to the Wal-Mart photo centre to digitise your library

Wal-Mart customers will soon be able to bring their DVD collections into brick and mortar stores and make their libraries instantly available to stream over the cloud.

DVD owners can pay $2 per title and then access the film or TV show through Walmart's Vudu service, while the scheme itself is powered by Hollywood's UltraViolet drive.

The $2 fee will entitle users to access a standard definition copy, while paying $5 will offer a HD stream.

The latter seems a little steep considering users will have already paid for the film once.

Load up your Cyberlocker

A Wal-Mart employee will help customers set-up a Vudu account and help them to decide whether they want to buy the film in SD or HD.

The film will then be in the user's Cyberlocker and accessible on over 300 devices.

The announcement comes as a huge boost to the movie industry, which is struggling to come to terms with the public's loss of interest in DVD ownership.

The UltraViolet initiative is backed by all the major players in the industry and hopes to encourage ownership of physical media by offering digital access to the same content.

Disney is the only major studio not on-board with the scheme.