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Virgin Media's 100Mbps broadband starts roll out

Virgin Media - 100Mbps rolling out
Virgin Media - 100Mbps rolling out

Virgin Media's first 100Mbps broadband services have been rolled out, with customers in Hackmondike, Farnborough, Colchester and Barry in South Wales all now able to subscribe to the superfast connection.

Virgin Media is keen to keep its edge as BT begins to pump money into overhauling its own fibre optic infrastructure, and the cable giant announced a 100mbps service in October.


The service, which also provides 10Mbps upload speeds, also comes with a new wireless router.

As a flagship product, the broadband doesn't come cheap – weighing in at £45 a month or £35 with a phone line subscription.

More areas will get the service in 2011, with the roll-out continuing into mid 2012.

Patrick Goss

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