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Video preview of Gmail redesign leaked

Video preview of Gmail redesign leaked
Ah, sunset. A marvellous time to check your emails

The upcoming Gmail redesign has hit the web early in the form of a video accidentally posted publicly on YouTube.

It's a rather more Google+ inspired look, with photos next to your contacts, icons prioritised over text and a cleaner look for email labels.

The layout is a bit more flexible, too; you can use high resolution images in your themes, and you can re-order the side-bar depending on what options you use most.

Thrilling stuff

The search function, which has long been a bit basic for a webmail service provided by the world's biggest and most successful search engine, has had an overhaul too, with more options to play with.

No word on when we'll see the redesign roll out to our Googly email account, but the polished-looking Google video makes us suspect it won't be long until it gets its official reveal.

The original video has now been switched back to private, but the cat is well and truly out of the bag with those quick-fingered folk over at the unofficial Google System blog managing to nab a copy of the film:

From Google System via Pocket-Lint

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