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Twitter's just trolling us by replacing 'retweets' with 'shares', right?

Twitter's just trolling us by replacing 'retweets' with 'shares', right?
They'll be adding pokes next

First they came for our @replies, now they're after our retweets: Twitter's thinking of rebranding the retweet function to 'share'.

The network has a keen eye on new users, trialling a few things it thinks will make life easier for newcomers to the 140-character world.

Apparently the concept of retweeting an existing tweet is too complex for anyone new to Twitter, but Facebookishly 'sharing' it is much easier for people to get their heads around.

Because, of course, people are idiots.

Anyway, this increasing Facebookisation of Twitter doesn't sit well with existing users. And since one Facebook is more than enough for anyone, let's hope this latest change doesn't stick.

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