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Twitter just got in trouble for some flashing videos


Twitter has come under fire after posting two video ads that featured bright flashing colours, which could have put epilepsy sufferers at risk of a seizure.

The videos were posted to Vine and it wasn't long before Twitter users began realising the potential risk.

UK charity Epilepsy Action brought the issue to the attention of Twitter in a tweet: "Your #DiscoveryMusic Vines are massively dangerous to people with photosensitive epilepsy. Please take them offline now."

The videos were later removed, as confirmed in a response from Twitter's internal comms director Rachel Bremer. "Hello, we appreciate your feedback, thank you," she said. "We have deleted them."

'Not the point'

"We take very seriously ads in online media that might cause harm to people with photosensitive epilepsy," an ASA spokeswoman told the BBC.

A number of people noticed the adverts and were quick to raise their complaints. On Twitter, user Christopher Rowe said, "Please withdraw your photosensitive epilepsy inducing Discover Music twitter advert it's horrendous", to which Bruce Daisley, head of Twitter's European business, responded that autoplay videos can be turned off in the settings.

"Not the point," replied Rowe. "It's dangerous regardless."

Hugh Langley

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