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Twitter Joke Trial sparks 'I Am Spartacus' uprising

Are you going to be Spartacus?
Are you going to be Spartacus?

The Twitter community has responded to Paul Chambers' guilty verdict at the Twitter Joke Trial by tweeting his original 'terrorist' message, with the hashtag #IAmSpartacus.

This week the retrial of Paul Chambers, who was accused of sending a menacing electronic communication on Twitter, culminated in the trainee accountant being found guilty and fined £1,000.

This sparked outrage on Twitter and even prompted Stephen Fry to say he would pay the fine.

Siege mentality

Now thousands of people are tweeting exactly the same message on Twitter that got Chambers a criminal record, which is technically putting them all at risk of being charged with the same 'sending a menacing electronic communication' offence.

In fact, the hashtag #IAmSpartacus - which was started by Twitter follower @Christt - is now the biggest trending topic of the day, ironically just in front of #TwitterJokeTrial.

It will be interesting to see how the Crown Prosecution Service responds to the latest uprising on the micro-blog. Surely they can't all be put in the docks?

Marc Chacksfield

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