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Twitter Joke Trial auction smashes £10,000 barrier

Twitter is a money maker
Twitter is a money maker

An auction set up to raise money for Paul Chambers, the man charged with sending a threatening message over Twitter, has hit £10,000 – the minimum amount needed for Chambers to make an appeal to the High Court.

Chambers was fined for his 'offensive' tweet, where he threatened to blow up Robin Hood airport in Doncaster unless it opened up.

The ridiculousness of the charge spurred the Twitter community to set up a Twitter Joke Trial hashtag that's been supported by a number of celebrities, including Graham Linehan and Stephen Fry.

Chambers was found guilty earlier in the month and was given a criminal conviction but he is now going to the High Court to appeal.

Joke's aside

An appeal like this costs thousands, so the Twitter Joke Trial Fund was setup that used auctions to raise money for the Chambers' appeal.

This auction has now passed the landmark £10,000 barrier.

The Twitter feed says about hitting £10,000: "We're not finished, this was the minimum needed to ensure Paul could even mount an appeal, BUT, we've only gone and bloody done it!!"

Chambers, who is not party to the auction but has verified the account, said: "Absolutely unbelievable. "A massive, massive thank you to everyone who donated and involved. I'm off for a cry."

Marc Chacksfield

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