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Twitter hits the Piccadilly Circus big screen

Twitter coming to London's big screen
Twitter coming to London's big screen

Coca-Cola is bringing Twitter to Piccadilly Circus in London, with the drinks brand using its ad sign as a place for Christmas Twitter messages.

Coca-Cola has teamed up with design agency Sedley Place for the stunt, which is set to run until 23 December.

To take part you have to tweet your message to @cokezone. We have no idea if the tweets are being monitored, but seeing as it is in one of the busiest thorough fares in London, we are expecting that someone will be putting a swear word filter on the thing.

Unique platform

"The Piccadilly sign provides Coca-Colawith a unique interactive platform and we're delighted that consumers can use it to spread their Christmas messages this year," said Zoe Howorth, market activation director (?!), Coca-Cola GB.

"This activation puts our fans at the heart of the activity, allowing them to engage and communicate with people everywhere."

Via Campaign Live

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