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Twitter believes it's winning the Troll Wars

Twitter - taking on trolls
Twitter taking on trolls

Twitter's European head Bruce Daisley believes that the social network's efforts to kerb trolls are having an effect.

Daisley, talking the the Independent, insists that the ramping up of phone verification serves as a reality check to those hiding behind the anonymity of a screen.

"If someone is behaving in a way characteristic of a bad actor, we send them a phone verification," said Mr Daisley.


'"That allows us to tell the user that what they do here exists in the real world. It normally acts as a stark reminder," he added.

"Secondly, it allows us to see whether that user has already got other accounts set up on their phone that have been suspended."

The upshot of this, is that Twitter believes its users are being better protected from the trolling issues that have become so prevalent on its network.

"We have spent longer and put more effort into user safety than any other issue," added Daisley

"The measures we've taken correlate directly with a reduction in the amount of bad behaviour on the platform."

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