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Tweetdeck celebrates second birthday with 15 million downloads

Tweetdeck: over 15 million downloads
Tweetdeck: over 15 million downloads

The popular Twitter client Tweetdeck celebrates its second birthday this week, having grown from a small application with one employee, to a multi-platform international success story.

To celebrate, UK-based founder Iain Dodworth wrote a stat-packed blog post, firstly thanking his staff, then going on to say the desktop version of Tweetdeck has been downloaded over 15 million times and the iPhone app has had 2.5 million downloads.

Approximately four million tweets, status updates and Google Buzz messages are sent using Tweetdeck each day, and 30,000 images are uploaded daily, notes the blog.

Multi-stream functionality ingrained

Looking to the future, Tweetdeck believes "the future holds even more fast-moving streams of socially relevant information. Our mission is to help our users manage and harness these information flows.

"To that end, we are moving towards being truly multi-stream, re-building our clients from the ground-up with multi-stream functionality ingrained," the blog post continues.

Dodworth explains that Tweetdeck should be more about what our friends are saying, rather than the networks they use to say it.

He also discusses monetisation and adds: "we are committed to working with our integrated networks to make sure that the user experience remains paramount as revenue streams are introduced."

Via The Next Web