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This is Your Twitter Life: Now you can make an ad for your timeline

This is Your Twitter Life: Now you can make an ad for your Twitter account

Twitter's latest trick is to turn your top tweets into a video ad to try to coerce strangers into following you.

Tragically labelled #FollowMe, the video picks out your greatest tweeted hits, including photos, Vine videos and your top topics to create an advert that's supposed to make people want to follow you.

Ours is, predictably, amazing - you can watch it here. Remember that time we fried an egg on an iPad? Yeah, that's in there. FOLLOW US.

More blips!

Okay, enough self-promotion. Once you've watched our video, and endorsed us for magnificence on LinkedIn (ha ha not really, we're not on LinkedIn), then get involved with the rest of our blips.

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