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The Telegraph next to erect a paywall?

The Telegraph pondering a paywall
The Telegraph pondering a paywall

The Telegraph may well follow in the steps of its fellow broadsheet The Times and put its website behind a paywall in 2011.

There are whisperings abound that The Telegraph is planning to put a chunk of its content behind a paywall and leave some articles to be viewed for free.

News International made its Times website subscription-only earlier this year and followed suit with the News Of The World website.

The official stance by The Telegraph is that nothing is planned. A statement this week said "Absolutely no decisions have been made on the introduction of a paid-content model.

"Like all publishers, TMG continually evaluates the developments in the digital sector."

But a report in the Financial Times (itself behind a paywall) notes that those close to the matter believe that a paywall will happen in 2011, noting: "Although the final decision has not been made, the pay system will not be an impregnable paywall like that of The Times.

"It will be a metered system or, less likely, micropayments."

The Times hasn't given official figures, but has said that its paywall strategy is working. It's unknown if a paywall will work long-term, however, considering the myriad free sites on the web.

Back in September, The Telegraph launched its first iPad app.

Via the FT

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