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Teenagers moving away from Facebook, blame boredom

Facebook: losing teenage users
Facebook: losing teenage users

Figures released by eMarketer for April reveal that a startling 29 per cent of teenage Facebook users left the site, or used it less, during the month.

A further nine per cent of teens admitted to abandoning the social network completely, although this is some way behind MySpace's abandonment rate of 22 per cent.

The most popular reason for leaving, accounting for 45 per cent of teens aged 13 to 17, was that it's become boring, or they've lost interest in the site.

Being given too many notifications ranked in third place with 27 per cent, while 16 per cent left because their parents joined.

Shared Information

Interestingly, privacy was not a popular issue among teenage users, with just 13 per cent being uncomfortable with their information being shared and 12 per cent disliking changes implemented by Facebook.

The eMarkter report found that social gaming is big news for teenagers, with 73 per cent playing social games online, and 81 per cent of teens playing games on Facebook.