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Spotify to introduce family plans

Spotify to introduce family plans
Keeping it in the family

Spotify plans to offer family subscriptions to its Premium service in the near future, the company has confirmed.

The streaming giant hopes to offer an incentive for more members of the same household to get on board, with the prospect of saving a couple of quid in the process.

Another goal for Spotify would surely be to prevent password sharing among members.

Chief content officer Ken Parks told The Verge following a SXSW discussion panel on the Future of Music that the family plans were "definitely coming," but didn't state exactly when.

Three way battle

The introduction of a Spotify Premium family plan would mirror the Rdio service in the United States, which charges $17.99 for two users and $22.99 for three.

Rdio also launched a complete redesign of its desktop and app offerings on Tuesday, so it looks like the two streaming giants have drawn the battle lines for the rest of 2012.

Both will also be conscious of social music streaming service's newly-inked agreement with all four of the main music labels.

Via: The Verge