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Spotify set to carry video adverts

Spotify - video advertising launching
Spotify - video advertising launching

Spotify is set to carry video advertising for movies, the streaming service announced today.

It is the first time Spotify will have been used to distribute video and the movie trailers will run inside a borderless Flash player inside the Spotify application. The first ad will be for Sony's "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3."

A captive audience

"As Spotify continues to evolve, our aim is to offer brands high quality and engaging advertising which avoids hampering our users' experience – as well as enhancing it," said Zia George, account director at Spotify.

"Spotify's video player allows brands to serve exciting visual content to an extremely captive audience. As well as having great potential to become a platform for branded content, the player is especially powerful as users will have actively decided to watch the content, rather than having it forced upon them."

Apple is still to cast judgement on the Spotify App for iPhone, which TechRadar has given a thorough testing (and thumbs up too) this week.

Microsoft announced its own plans to launch an MSN Video streaming service earlier this month.