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Spotify for Linux arrives

Spotify - now on Linux
Spotify - now on Linux

Spotify for Linux has arrived, with a preview version of the popular music service arriving on the open source platform.

Spotify has a big fanbase already, but the company felt that a version for the open source OS crowd was a good idea.

"A lot of our developers are using Linux, obviously they want to listen to music while they're coding away and looking at the feedback we get it appears that they're not the only ones," blogged Spotify's Andres Sehr.

"So today we're pretty happy to present a preview version of Spotify for Linux."

Mostly the same

"Built by our brilliant developers during hack days and late nights, it shares most of the same features as our Windows and Mac OS X desktop applications," he continues.

The Linux version does not include support for local files, will not have dedicated support and, at the present time, is only available to Spotify Premium subscribers.

But you can't have it all right? You can get the software from Spotify for Linux.

Patrick Goss

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