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Sophos video shows latest Facebook scam

Facebook - a new target for scammers
Facebook - a new target for scammers

Sophos has produced a video showing how hundreds of users are falling for dodgy Facebook links that say 'OMG mother went to jail'.

Sophos has detailed how people are falling for the latest scam, which tricks users into Facebook Liking a page, adding a link to it on their wall and then being hit with a fake survey.

"I really feel like despairing that the general public will ever learn to avoid dodgy links like this," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.

Not spam scams any more

"Criminals these days don't need to spam out their scams - they can rely on the public to spread them for them," he added.

"Far too many people are prepared to endorse and share links on Facebook without properly thinking about what they are doing.

"In this case, they're doing it before they have any clue about what lies behind the page."

Users who have been affected should view their profile, click on the 'Info' tab and remove any of the offending pages from the "Likes and interests" section. Obviously.

In reality, the people who read this article aren't really the people who will fall for this scam, but check out the video and see how the other half live.

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