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Sky's new music service gets a name

Sky Songs - not much to look at, but we're sure it will sound great
Sky Songs - not much to look at, but we're sure it will sound great

Sky has announced the name of its Spotify-like service, deciding to call it simply Sky Songs.

To show it means business and is already to hit its Christmas target for a release date, the company has put up a website placeholder, which teases with the words: "Sky Songs – a new way to discover music. Coming soon."

Not much has been said about the service since Sky first announced it back in July. What we do know is that it will be subscription based and Universal, EMI and Sony have signed up to offer myriad tracks from their massive back catalogues.

Huge demand

Back in July 2008, Mike Darcey, Chief Operating Officer, BSkyB, commented: "It's clear that there's huge demand for online music and companies like Sky and Universal Music are well placed to work together to meet consumers' needs.

"We aim to offer an easy and affordable service for all UK music fans, while ensuring that artists are properly rewarded for their creativity."

Go to for more details.

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