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Russia no longer haven for illegal BitTorrenters

Interfilm - down but not out
Interfilm - down but not out

Russia has taken an unprecedented move in the fight against online crime and raided an office in Moscow belonging to BitTorrent website Interfilm.

This is said to be the first raid of its kind, and quashes any rumours that Russia is a soft touch for illegal file-sharers.

Even though the website's main server was based in Moscow, and several people were arrested, the raid failed to shutdown the site.

According to TorrentFreak, the website is now working from the Netherlands.

Interfilm still working

Two people that were arrested in the raid were known in the online community as 'Ripper' and 'Nadezhda' and are said to be the founders of Interfilm.

The website is notorious for leaked movies, especially 'cammed' ones – those filmed illegally via a video camera.

Russian media is reporting that the founders could face up to six years in jail, a sentence that if given dwarfs the one given out to the founders of The Pirate Bay in April of this year.

Via TorrentFreak

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