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Rumour: Google buys Groupon

Google buys Groupon for $2.5 billion according to US reports
Google buys Groupon for $2.5 billion according to US reports

Rumours have been doing the rounds for weeks now, with Google reportedly having finalized a $2.5 billion deal to buy group buying site Groupon.

Rumours of Google acquiring Groupon have been on the radar for over a week now, since November 19, when it was reported that Google had made an offer of between $2 billion to $3 billion.

Deal of the day?

VatorNews was first to report that Google has already acquired Groupon, although neither company has yet confirmed the deal.

VatorNews cites an "unnamed insider" that is a "reliable" source, who told them Google "has just purchased Groupon for $2.5 billion."

Groupon was founded back in 2008. The company's revenues are apparently in the region of $50 million a month, from 20 million subscribers across 29 countries throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia.

TechRadar has contacted Google for further comment, confirmation or a denial on the news.