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Queen opens Royal family Flickr account

Royal Family launch official photostream on Flickr
Royal Family launch official photostream on Flickr

The Queen has opened an official Royal family account on photography website Flickr.

Keen royal-watchers will be kept abreast of the Queen's official engagements, as well as those of other Royal family members, with plans to update the royal Flickr account with pics on a regular basis.

Buckingham Palace has also posted numerous pictures of recent royal events, as well as archive pictures of the Queen, the Prince of Wales and other members of the Royal clan.

From Victoria to Elizabeth

Over 600 photographs have been added to the British Monarchy's Photostream account.

The Royal family's Flickr account is the latest attempt by the monarchy to move into the 21 st-century, following a recently-updated royal website, the launch of the Royal Channel on YouTube in 2007 and an official British Monarch Twitter account more recently.

The Flickr account features new pictures from an exhibition 'The Queen's Year' which opens next week at Buckingham Palace.

The Flickr account has been divided into two categories – the Royal Collection, which contains the new exhibition pictures and pictures of all the Queen's children and grandchildren growing up, and the Victorian pictures.

Via BBC News