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Pulp Fiction and Clerks coming to YouTube?

Decent movies finally coming to YouTube?
Decent movies finally coming to YouTube?

Miramax, distributor of over 700 movies, is looking to do a deal with Google that would see select movies streamed for free on YouTube.

Miramax is in the midst of being taken over by Filmyard, after Disney decided to sell the company for $664 million.

And it seems that Filmyard is already in talks with Google over Miramax's digital catalogue.

The deal would see Miramax movies come to YouTube, with revenue from these films shared between Google and Filmyard.

Google gold

Miramax's back catalogue is impressive. When the company was owned by movie moguls the Weinsteins – Miramax is a portmanteau of the brother's parents' names – it was synonymous with '90s indie movies, including Pulp Fiction and Clerks.

Since then its popularity has waned slightly.

Although there may be some issues with digital rights, it does seem that a strategy is being mapped out by Google and Miramax to offer what would definitely be a Big Kahuna of a deal for the streaming site.

Via Reuters

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