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Pub ATMs set to offer Wi-Fi internet access

Internet access coming soon to a pub near you

Next time you're in a pub and thinking of paying a small fee to withdraw cash from one of those freestanding ATMs, take a close look to see if it also happens to offer wireless internet access.

That's because ATM supplier Cashbox has inked a deal with BT to turn some of its machines into Wi-Fi hotspots that charge for access.

Expansion likely

Initially, just ten locations will offer net access, with the company promising to expand that to more of its 2,500-cashpoints across the UK.

Still, like the cash withdrawals, the Wi-Fi isn't free - Cashbox is charging £5.88 for 90 minutes or £9.79 for a day-pass. However, some BT customers and iPhone owners will be able to use the service free of charge.

Via PC Pro