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Could Google follow Yahoo's lead and fiddle with its logo?

Google, meet Google

Looks like Yahoo isn't the only one revamping its look as a new Google logo seems to be popping up in different places.

Despite denying rumors of a new logo a few days ago, a different version of the company's trademark is again appearing on the web.

After much snooping around, Ars Technica discovered an unbeveled logo with muted colors, which can be seen compared to the current logo above, along with the info below:

"The current logo for resides at, but if you change "logo4w" to "logo5w" or "logo6w," you get the redesigned logo."

Which do you prefer? Beveled or flat? Bold colors or muted? Or should Google go for something completely different? Though, let's be honest, that's about as plausible as Grumpy Cat cracking a smile.

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