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Online profile site gets snapped up by AOL gets some AOL loving gets some AOL loving

AOL has decided that fledgling online profile site is prime real estate, announcing it has bought the site a mere four days after launch. is a simple concept: it allows you to build a personal profile page that can be used as a calling card for what you do web wise.

It's about as far removed as the fussiness of Facebook and the constant information stream that is Twitter but it serves the same purpose – exposure.

It also acts as a landing page for your myriad social-networking profiles that litter the web.

About turn

A major bonus is that the site offers personal analytics for you to peruse. So you can see how many people have checked your profile and what they do when they go on to your page.

Tony Conrad is the person behind and is no stranger to being under AOL's wing.

In 2008 he sold his company Sphere to AOL for the around £16 million and AOL Ventures was one of the investors in

The team is staying put when AOL takes over, so don't expect the information on their profiles to change for a while.

Via Mashable

Marc Chacksfield

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