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Ofcom's 'three strikes' web policy set for 2013

Ofcom to start sending out file sharer letters in 2013
Ofcom - still going to clamp down. No, really

Ofcom is aiming to start sending out notification letters to file sharers in summer 2013.

It's been over a year since Ofcom first outlined its 'three strikes' file sharing clampdown, but the plans are yet to be put into action.

The 'obligations code' put forward by the independent body are yet to be finalised and the timescale could still be put back due to the ongoing judicial review, according to Campbell Cowie, director of internet policy at Ofcom.

He outlined the timeline of action at a Westminster eForum on the Digital Economy Act, attended by TechRadar.

Plans afoot

The proposed plans will see alleged file sharers sent notification letters with information on the allegations against them and instructions for how to protect their broadband network if they suspect a third party has been using it to download illegal content.

ISPs will be required to keep track of users which are suspected of piracy, as well as showing they can adequately match IP addresses to users' personal details.

Ofcom hopes to have the mechanisms put into place regardless of governmental sign-off on the plans, expecting that ISPs will start building the technical mechanisms and agreeing an independent appeals body in early 2012.

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