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Now you can see how many people have seen your crazy cat video on Instagram

Insta Vid View

It seems to be update roll-out month over at Instagram as it's just announced the addition of video view counters to the platform.

Normally on a video, you'd only see the number of times people have engaged with the content by liking it so essentially Instagram has given us slightly better analytics with the counter view.

Until now, Instagram analytics have only been available by third parties but the number of influencers and power-users is growing and it needs to cater more to their needs in the future to retain them so this seems like a logical step for the company.

Now everyone will see how well your content is performing, which could be a great or bad thing if you don't have many followers and are sensitive about how well your content does, especially with publicly-viewable figures.

This is the second major update for the Instagram platform in a matter of days following the announcement that the social network was supporting multiple logins.