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NBC online Olympics coverage powered by YouTube

NBC online Olympics coverage powered by YouTube
YouTube will provide the tech for NBC's online coverage of the London games

NBC has announced that its online coverage of the London 2012 Olympic games will be powered by YouTube.

The network, which has exclusive rights to screen the games in the United States until 2020, says it plans to show every single event live either through the TV channel or through

If you wanted to watch complete coverage it would take over 3,000 hours, but viewers will be able to follow their favourite events all the way up to the medal ceremony.

Official partner

YouTube has been announced as the official partner and will provide the technology for the video player.

The Google-owned company does not have the rights to screen the Olympics on, despite its recent forays into live sports.

NBC Sports has traditionally used the Microsoft Silverlight platform for its online coverage, so the partnership with YouTube represents a big change of tact.

Via: TheNextWeb