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MtGox found 200,000 bitcoins in an 'old wallet'

MtGox found 200,000 bitcoins in an 'old wallet'
Oh THERE they are

Beleaguered Bitcoin exchange MtGox has found $116m (£70m) worth of bitcoins in an old format wallet.

That's 200,000 bitcoins that MtGox misplaced, going some way to explaining why the firm has been brought to bankruptcy - the other 650,000 reasons being the still-lost bitcoins that MtGox says were stolen from the company through security flaws.

The 200,000 bitcoins found this week have been reported to the courts in which MtGox has filed for bankruptcy but won't be enough to save the company.

Can someone please just check that MtGox has had a look through all its coat pockets too? Just in case.

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