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Miramax eyes Google film content partnership

Miramax eyes Google film content partnership
Miramax - digital savvy

Miramax is in talks with Google about a partnership that would see Miramax movies available on Android, Google TV and YouTube.

Miramax CEO Mike Lang told New Media Age, "We've had lots of conversations with Google, not only about its TV platform but also YouTube and its Android platform.

"It would be an incredible partner. It would bring significant scale and a great ad platform, and we like the idea of providing more free, ad-supported content on digital platforms."

Stream dream

Whether a deal would be based solely on streaming films or whether it would include more than that – like extra features, for example – wasn't elaborated on.

During his MIPCOM keynote over in Cannes, Lang also described Miramax's new approach as "a bit more Silicon Valley than Hollywood."

"It's a case of innovate or die," he added. "Our library presents a tremendous opportunity."

He's not wrong, with Miramax holding the rights to a veritable treasure trove of hits including Pulp Fiction, No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood.

Miramax has already experimented with Facebook by offering movie rentals via the social network, as well as hinting that a pure iPad app could be on the cards.

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