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Miramax: Digital platforms are the problem, not piracy

Miramax: 'Digital platforms are the problem, not piracy
Pirates aren't so bad, says Miramax CEO

It's not piracy that's the big digital problem for film studios, it's getting legitimate content out to consumers that is setting them back, according to Miramax.

Speaking at MIPCOM 2011 in Cannes, Miramax CEO Mike Lang explained, "Piracy really is not the bigger issue for our company or for our library. It's been lack of exploitation, just not getting it out there."

Apples and pears

He went on to talk about lack of competition in online media sharing, citing Apple and its monopoly over the music industry thanks to iTunes; adding that the video industry needed to avoid finding itself in a similar situation.

"Apple is the strongest company in the music industry, and because there was not enough competition, and still to this day is not enough competition, as an industry it can't then influence, packaging, merchandising… all the things that are vital," said Lang.

"As the movie business we have to be very cognisant of that. We want multiple players to be successful… It's really important as an industry that we try to allow multiple players in markets around the world.

"Our goal as an industry should be to have as many as possible, and may the best service win."

Via Rapid TV News and MusicAlly

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