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Mark Zuckerberg: iPad is not mobile

Zuckerberg puts his foot in it at Apple event

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has controversially claimed that the iPad is not a mobile device during the company's special mobile event this evening.

In response to a blogger's question on why the company hadn't launched a tailored iPad app at its mobile event, Zuckerberg curtly replied: "iPad is not mobile. Next question."


When the Mashable reporter suggested, amid gasps from the assembled media, that Apple might disagree, the CEO simply shrugged and said, "Sorry, but it's a computer."

After a colleague intervened and said that Facebook is looking into ways of making the iPad iteration a reality, Zuckerberg, perhaps realising how inflammatory his remarks could be, backtracked somewhat.

He added: "I didn't meant to be rude towards Apple, we all love using Apple products here, we just wanted to focus on what we're doing here today."

Yikes! We'd love to know what Steve Jobs thinks of that one! Maybe there's a little bit of bad blood still left over from the Ping spat?