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LulzSec leader revealed as FBI mole

LulzSec leader revealed as FBI mole
"As I was saying the Bureau the other day..."

The head of LulzSec, the hacking crew that terrorised big business throughout the latter half of 2011, has been working for the FBI since the middle of the year, it has emerged.

Going by the sobriquet Sabu, the excellently-named Hector Xavier Monsegur helped the FBI to arrest five key figures in the collective today, and could yet reach more within LulzSec and sister-organisation Anonymous.

One FBI official told Fox News, "This is devastating to the organisation… we're chopping off the head of LulzSec."

Off with their heads

LulzSec was responsible for hacking a number of high-profile organisations, including PBS, Sony Pictures, CIA and the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency.

It came out of the larger 'hacktivist' collective, Anonymous, and in June the lol-loving collective decided to call it a day, although it returned to its hacking ways several more times after that.

Monsegur has plead guilty to carrying out online attacks against PayPal and Mastercard, as well as being charged with 12 criminal counts relating to hacking as well.

Five other people were arrested by the FBI today: two in the UK, two in Ireland and one in the US.

Via The Guardian

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