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Lady Gaga beats Obama in Facebook fan face-off

Facebook likes Lady Gaga
Facebook likes Lady Gaga

Lady 'I'm going to wear a teapot on my head and not give a darn what you think' Gaga has become the first person alive to reach 10 million fans on Facebook.

A similar feat was achieved posthumously by Michael Jackson, but Gaga has done it and lived to tell the tale.

According to Famecount, Gaga has beaten the likes of Barack Obama who is currently flagging under the 10 million mark.

Gaga for Gaga

The reason so many people are flocking to become followers with famous folk is apparently to do with the new-ish option that lets you become followers of fan pages of your favourite musicians and film stars.

Interestingly, in second place – according to Famecount – is Vin Diesel who hasn't exactly set the box office on fire recently.

Currently, Lady Gaga is garnering around 140,000 new fans a day which is scary but also shows how much people power sites like Facebook have at the moment.

Marc Chacksfield

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