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Internet Watch foundation turns 15

Internet Watch foundation turns 15
Internet Watch foundation turns 15

The Internet Watch Foundation is celebrating its 15th birthday, with 87,000 child sexual abuse webpages removed in the time that it has existed.

Since launching in 1996, the IWF has assessed almost 370,000 web pages and reduced the volume of UK-hosted child sexual abuse sites from 19 per cent in 1997 to less than one per cent.

"Today the online industry, Government and the IWF's partners will reflect on the work of the IWF over its first 15 years with an event in Westminster," explained the IWF.


"It is timed to complement the IWF's annual Awareness Day, when IWF members publicise the IWF Hotline to their users, customers and staff so that the public know how to report images of child sexual abuse, should they inadvertently stumble across them online."

It's a hugely important service, and one which has been hugely important in the battle against images of child sexual abuse.

"Child sexual abuse webpages in the UK are rapidly removed thanks to the responsible actions of the online industry with whom the IWF works," adds the IWF.