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If you've been having Netflix problems this weekend, you're not alone

Netflix sign
Netflix is back.

If you were planning a chilled-out Saturday evening in front of Netflix there's a good chance your viewing plans were hit by a worldwide outage that affected the service for around two hours from 8pm UK time (3pm Eastern).

Netflix owned up to the "streaming issues" on Twitter and has since announced that everything is up and running again, so you shouldn't be seeing any more problems on your devices if you have a Sunday binge-watch planned.

As yet there's no word on what caused the breakdown, which seems to have been serious - even the Netflix website was unavailable. The new Netflix original Luke Cage did launch this weekend, but Netflix has coped fine with big premieres in the past.

If Netflix does explain what went wrong last night then we'll post details for you here. For those of you still having issues, they may be related to your devices rather than Netflix itself - head to the official help centre where you'll find plenty of support and advice on how to get up and running again.

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