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Has the Twitter UK peak been reached?

Twitter, struggling with the popularity contest
Twitter, struggling with the popularity contest

New statistics show that Twitter users in the UK have declined over the past few months, prompting analysts to question whether the site has hit its peak.

Nielson's figures show that 4,427,000 UK people logged onto Twitter in September of last year, with the figure declining by 24 per cent in October to 3,364,000.

This dropped further (although percentage wise not as much) to 3,414,000 in December – a trend which is seeping into January's figures.

Twitter off-shoots popular

It's not all doom and gloom however (if you can call a global audience of 50 million plus doom and gloom), as Alex Burmaster, of Nielson, notes that Twitter off-shoots are rising in popularity.

"Although less people are visiting the official Twitter site, some of the applications that feed into the Twitter community have been seeing significant increases in popularity, notably services like Tweetmeme, Tweetphoto and Tumblr," explained Burmaster to the Daily Mail.

"For example, in December 2009, over 20 per cent of Americans who visited Twitpic, a service that lets you share photos on Twitter, didn't go on the Twitter site."

Marc Chacksfield

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