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Groupon promises changes after breaking laws

Groupon promises changes after breaking laws
100,000 cupcakes please

The Office of Fair Trading has completed an investigation into Groupon's daily dealings and found that the company had broken several consumer protection laws.

The site was found to have breached a number of regulations, specifically those relating to pricing, advertising, refunds and unfair terms.

But Groupon, which cooperated with the trading body throughout, has agreed to make a number of changes to ensure it is meeting the guidelines and not ripping anybody off.

Have your cake, eat it

These include creating new terms and conditions, ensuring that pricing of its deals are clear and transparent, and making clear all limitations to any deal before purchase.

It is also required to ensure that any company offering a deal through the site is realistically able to fulfil the offer after a number of small businesses, like the Berkshire baker who was left with an order sheet of over 100,000 cupcakes after offering a discount deal on Groupon.

Groupon doesn't sound too remorseful for the problems though, with the UK MD of the company, Tobias Tschötsch, saying, "I am sorry for every complaint but the vast majority of customers are happy with the service we provide. We hope to get that to 100%."

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