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Google wants to speed up the internet

google wants the web to have go-faster stripes
google wants the web to have go-faster stripes

"What would be possible if browsing the web was as fast as turning the pages of a magazine?" asks Google in its latest, ongoing attempts to make the web a faster place.

Google on its new Code blog is trying to drum up a discussion on how the web can be speeded up around the world and is asking for everyone to participate in one massive brainstorm – or thought-shower if you want to be a bit more PC about it.

Instantaneous downloads

A YouTube video has been posted with various members of Google (Google-ites?) waxing lyrical about how the internet is "the most important platform of our time" and how the downloading of HD movies and running of Javascript apps should be "instantaneous in the future".

At the bottom of the blog is a bit where you can add your own speedy ideas. So far, these have include banning spam and even point towards "a network of low-Earth orbit satellites providing direct internet access world-wide." This is apparently already a rumoured idea that is being touted by the bods at Google.

Via Google Code and PC World

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